Tammara Dawn

Steward to the Center of Healing

Homeopathy, Reflexology, Watsu, Chinese Herbal blends, 8 Modalities Yoga, Master Herbalist, Acupressure, 

Tammara is a pollinator, Certified in Reflexology, Watsu, eight modalities of Yoga and a Homeopath by passion and education. Chinese Herbs and Acupressure surface high on her list to assist the body in healing. She is pleased to be a member of the NCH, WHN and RAC. She shares her knowledge and experience of healing modalities naturally, as she exudes them.

She is blessed to be the steward of the lovely Center of Healing location. Tammara is inspired to share the many gifts that the Center of H.   offers, IE: Healing Hot Mineral Springs, a magical outdoor Experience, Organic Gardens, Green House, a Labrynth, with a creative focus to be a Sanctuary for Seasoned Adults to come and truly live their lives. She also loves donkeys and zebras and will have a zonkey in the near future. She passionately hikes, bikes  and snowshoes on Mother Earth's paths along with the WELL~ness path. She loves to pollinate — her word for spreading Joy in Heart felt HAPPINESS.

Dr. Julie


Treatments include: Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas, nutritional recommendations and supplements if applicable. $115 for new patient (2 hours) $70.00 for return tx and wellness tune up's.  



Gina Myrberg
Holistic Health and Spiritual Wellness Counselor

For the past 20 years Gina has worked with individuals and groups confronting physical, mental, soul and spiritual challenges in clinical, recreational, educational and community settings.  While understanding the importance of the clinical perspective of healing, Gina has a great respect for experiential modalities that assist and inspire one's transformational healing process. Gina has a natural and learned ability of connecting the outer world with the inner world through myth, metaphor and archetypes. Gina dances within the realms of Jungian psychology when facilitating clients through their healing process. 

Gina is a Recreational Therapist, Holistic Health and Spiritual Wellness Counselor and embraces her Master Level Certification which she received from The Four Winds Society Energy Medicine School.

Gina is eager to share her newly developed Confident Character Coaching program with the world.  The curriculum incorporates body and mind cleansing with energetic transformation to support any individual as they uncover and discover their soul’s purpose on this planet.
Gina facilitates individual and group detoxes as well as healing retreats at The Center of Healing.  Gina loves to cook and eat healthy meals with passionate people.

Dr. Doug

Doug Hasbrouck, M.D., is a licensed physician, board certified in internal medicine.

Doug has also explored many avenues of alternative healing methods. His current interest is in trying to bridge the gap between “mainstream” and “alternative” health and wellness cultures through a focus on self-empowerment and awareness of soul energy.

Doug feels that The Center of Healing is a perfect venue for exploration of soul energy. The waters, the tranquility and the natural beauty are all conducive to self-reflection and learning.

Doug currently does medical administrative consulting work for two agencies in Utah.

Dr. Hasbrouck has over 20 years of clinical experience and has over 15 years of executive leadership roles in healthcare with for profit and not-for–profit corporations and as a member of State Boards and Commissions.

He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School. He is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Utah.

Dr. Justin Cleverly

Justin R. Cleverly D.C.
BSU 1993-1996 Pre Med
Western States Chiropractic College 1996-1999 Doctorate in Chiropractic
Focus on sports medicine.
Three beautiful children and marvelous wife of 15 years
We offer Activator Chiropractic adjustments.  Happy to perform a series of treatments or just one depending on severity of problem.

First Time cash patients 78$ with treatment
Additional cash Treatments $35.  We accept all insurances. 

Dr. Justin R. Cleverley

Ph: 208-543-2005
fax 208-543-4172

Lauresa Schoessler

“Working WITH the Body not ON the Body.”  Every  “body’s” unique. Structural Muscular Balancing honors this. My unique protocol offers a thorough balancing of the major supportive and muscular structures. Though gentle and non-invasive, the deep healing created can often be felt immediately.  SMB addresses chronic pain, old injuries, immobility, misalignment and much more.
Pricing: $60/hour  $70/hour 15min.  $80/1 ½ hour
The New Biofeedback Movement in Health Care is Energy-Centered and based on Quantum Physics. The Life System is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of preventive healthcare and vibrational medicine. The Life System is a computer-based biofeedback device which can promote balancing for chronic as well as acute health challenges, anti-aging, emotional stress and much more.  The roots of energetic medicine, upon which the Life System is based, go back to Ayurvedic, Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. The Life System is the culmination of over 20 years of research in integrating ancient healing arts with scientifically backed, state of the art technology.
Pricing: $95/session

Lauresa Schoessler LMT, CBT

Licensed Massage Therapist &
Certified Biofeedback Technician
(208) 358-1116


Cat Gietzen Massage Therapist - Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Whether you would just like to relax, have an injury (old or new), or want to make your pregnancy more comfortable, let me help you give your body some undivided attention. No two massages are the same as I work to find a balance between working out the troubled areas and also giving the body some deep relaxation which it needs in order to heal itself. My goal is to relieve stress, increase joint and muscle flexibility, release energy blockages, remove neck and back pain and increase your feeling of well-being. I look forward to helping you achieve health and well being through massage @ the Center of Healing.

- Swedish
- Pregnancy
- Raindrop/Aromatherapy
- Reiki
- Deep Tissue
- Warm Stone
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and a Political Science
Passionate about self study journey through massage, reiki, and acupuncture, music, nutrition, yoga and meditation.

Cat is an advocate for holistic healing methods, dedicated to her family and fellow beings.

"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."
- Shakti Gawain

Michelle Daubert

Massage Therapist

Hello Dear Ones!  May your stay at the Center of Healing bring forth your highest dharmic healing.  During your stay, should you get the internal message for hands on healing, I offer my services.  For 29 years I have been refining gift, skills, and talent as a BodyWork Massage Therapist.  From Neuro-Muscular Re-education (deep) to CranioSacral Therapy (energy), as well as Reflexology, Ortho-Bionomy, Swedish Massage and Reiki, I serve as a container through which Spirit moves to assist in your healing.  Each session is 90 minutes and the fee is $100.00, on site.  Blessed Be!  And may you travel forth, with awareness, of the truth of your magnificence!


Passion • Authenticity • Presence