Center of Healing...Anchored by the inspiring surrounding beauty and peaceful nature of the Magic Valley.  Offering you and your guests the choice to Explore-Forge-BE...



I discovered the Center of Healing a year ago when I attended a beautiful shamanic retreat. But as amazing as the retreat was I fell in love with the land. It seemed to talk to me and it had a deeply healing and inviting energy. I had a squirrel brush by my shoulder as I was meditating under the giant Grandfather tree. As I did yoga by the amazing hot-spring pools, a humming bird zoomed down and hovered next to my ear. The land is very much alive, and well. The owner of the property, Tammara listens deeply and is an amazing caretaker, and a beautiful embodiment of a humble but powerful healer.

Everything from the details of the home/lodge, the selection of flowers, to the chickens and little grey rescue-donkeys are given great attention and love. The Center of Healing an grand example of a sustainable community on the highest level. The retreats I have attended have been impeccable and no one who visits leaves unchanged. I will be holding my next retreat at the Center of Healing this Spring with two of the most powerful healers and teachers I know. We could hold our retreat anywhere but the Center of Healing is the clear choice for us.

-Aron Stein

Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Passion • Authenticity • Presence